The Blackbirds are around all year. They are particularly visible in the winter, sometimes two or three females patrolling the lawns and borders together. They are also around on the undercliff most days.

The alert - looking male on the left was keeping an eye on the youngster below.

Although the young bird was clearly learning to forage for itself, the parent was still feeding it from time to time.The juveniles can vary a lot in appearance their breast sometimes being quite pale and speckled - they also tend to look bigger than their parents!

Photographs - April 2003

This pair were caught taking a breather from parental duties, sunbathing on the drive. Does she look guilty?!

Photographs - June 2003

In October 2002, we spotted this rather odd looking bird on the undercliff. At first we thought it was sick, but experienced opinion is that this is moulting first autumn male Blackbird.

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Photograph - October 2002

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