Photograph - April 2002

We first spotted this little bird in April skulking in the bushes on the cliff top. Subsequently though it was seen, as in this picture, hunting for insects high up in a tree in the garden.

First identified as a Chiffchaff, then deemed more likely to be a Willow Warbler, it has now been re-designated as a Chiffchaff!

This latest conclusion is based largely on these better pictures (which will enlarge) showing that it definitely has black legs.

A relatively infrequent visitor, it was spotted in the garden in April, June, August, September and October.

Photographs - October 2002

Sightings in 2003 followed a similar pattern, and in September this bird hopped around the roses long enough for me to have another go at taking pictures through the double glazing. These pictures will enlarge somewhat better.

Photographs - September 2003

The Chiffchaffs were seen in March 2004 on the undercliff, but once again first appeared in the garden in April.

The one pictured here chose a sunny spot in the roses for a bit of preening.

Photograph - April 2004

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