The month by month variation in clifftop sightings always seems to be greater than in the garden. I think this is because we are between two salt marsh areas (Keyhaven and Stanpit), so we get to see a number of birds who are on the move from one feeding ground to try their luck at the next.

A solitary Swan flew over one day and geese have been seen on a couple of occasions (not positively identified though). It was also very satisfying to get the first photographs of the Common Gull (pictured) and Rock Dove, as well as some new Rock Pipit and Grey Wagtail shots.

The Ringed Plover first spotted last month put in just one appearance in February too, but no sign of the Turnstones unfortunately.

The male Stonechats seem to be looking brighter and smarter every day and most (but by no means all) of the Black headed gulls have now developed their black heads.

February 2003