Since recognising Terns fishing off the shore for the first time, and identifying them as Common Terns, I had assumed that subsequent sightings were also Common Terns.

The photograph on the left changed all that! This is clearly a Sandwich Tern and, since this photograph was taken early in the month all subsequent Tern sightings have been Sandwich Terns. So it seems that, just as with the gulls, the Common Tern may be the unusual visitor.

First time sightings this month included a Gannet out over the sea and an Adder slithering quickly across the path on the undercliff.

The regulars all seem to be doing well. The House Sparrows are around in much larger numbers than in previous years and there are families of Linnets, Pied Wagtails and Stonechats to be seen on a daily basis, as well as Sandmartins, Whitethroats, Goldfinches and the occasional small group of Rock Pipits.

August 2004