The juvenile Crow entertainment continued into this month with another pair of blue eyed youngsters emerging early in the month, even more flightless than last month's. The young Starlings have also continued to increase in numbers and provided a few photo opportunities.

Our Wren was spotted again this month and the Great Tit visits have also resumed, initially just a juvenile but now occasionally an adult, too. Adult Robins have been notable by their absence, but a juvenile has visited regularly, and by the end of the month was sporting two small red patches on its otherwise mottled brown breast.

We have also had a Chiffchaff feeding on the greenfly on the roses and there have been a couple more visits of the Sparrowhawk. Whereas last year all Sparrowhawk sightings were of a male, this year so far it has been a brown female. No more photographs yet though unfortunately.

June 2003