The Terns arrived on cue late in the month and have been seen passing through on most days since, usually doing some opportunist fishing along the way.

Sadly though, our the colony of Sandmartins which we enjoyed last year have not turned up at all. There are apparently a few further along the coast but generally numbers seem to be well down in this area this year.

Most of the usual regulars have been around throughout the month but we have not seen the Wheatears in the last ten days and the Rock Pipits also seem to have departed.

The Whitethroats which arrived last month are now regularly to be seen singing heartily and have provided a few reasonable photo opportunities. The Linnets are also around in quantity, and the Skylarks can always be heard - but not always seen.

Oystercatchers were last seen early in the month and there have been no further sightings of the Great Crested Grebe.

May 2003

Stop Press: On an early morning walk on 1st June, before uploading this entry, the Wheatears put in an appearance. It remains to be seen whether they have really returned or are just teasing me!