As predicted, the young House Sparrows started to appear from the beginning of the month. We were pleased also to see a young Greenfinch a few days later - just the one though. By the middle of the month the young Starlings were around although possibly not quite in the same numbers as last year.

At one point Bluetits were seen entering and leaving a nestbox, but the activity soon ceased and we have seen no sign of any yougsters - perhaps next year. Star prize for entertainment this month though must go to an unlikely candidate, the Carrion Crow. Two juveniles seem to have been turfed out the nest a little early and watching them struggle with the art of flight for a whole afternoon was quite fascinating. One of them, after an abortive flight attempt, very nearly fell victim to the local cat, but the parents came to the rescue and the youngster managed to run clear. By the following afternoon both juveniles were capable of flight, but not venturing far from the 'home tree'.

Occasional visitors included a Coal Tit, a pair of Collared Doves and one visit of the Sparrowhawk.

May 2003