Living on the South coast in England, we have always enjoyed watching the birds soaring off the cliff. Until I retired though, I must admit to rarely giving the garden birds more than a second glance. However, when I did, I was surprised to learn that we have more species of bird visiting our garden than I had ever imagined, so I set about building up a collection of still pictures of them.

You can see how far I have got on the Gallery pages, or for more on the garden and cliff environments, click on the pictures.

The diary section contains month-by-month observations over a period of two years. Although not intended as a detailed sightings log, these pages do give an impression of the birds to be found around the area at different times of the year.

I am still quite new to this game so I am afraid there may well be mistakes in some of this material. If you spot any clangers or if you have any comments or questions about the birds, please do drop me a line via the Mail Me button at the top of the page.

Trevor Hewson