After the first tantalising glimpse of this beautiful little bird high up in a tree in early March 2002, we had to wait another month for it to come back for a stroll across the lawn. Sadly, we didn't see them in the garden again until the following March.

However, in the Autumn of 2003 we were more fortunate, with the Goldfinches first appearing on the cliff in August, feeding with the local Linnets and then later, visiting the feeders and the teasels in the garden.

Since then we have seen them from time to time every year, mainly in Spring and Autumn.

Photograph (above) - April 2010

Photographs - October 2003

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In September 2003 two Goldfinches visited the garden. This one, probably a juvenile, paid a brief visit to the feeder, a move apparently viewed with some suspicion by the resident sparrows!

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