In the first two months of 2002, this bird was notable by its absence but, over the last two weeks in March a pair were seen on the edge of the garden, and in April the Greenfinches were nest-building in our Macrocarpa tree. After that, the sightings became less frequent again. Could this be anything to do with the squirrels nesting in the same tree, I wonder?

Photos (left) - March 2002

However, from September the Greenfinches started paying visits to the feeder, enabling me to get the pictures below, which will enlarge.

Can you spot the odd one out? Scroll down for a clue!

The Greenfinches continued to be occasional visitors then, in June 2003, an unusual bird visited the feeder:

At first, I thought this was a new bird altogether, but the yellow flash on the wing (see below) confirmed it as a juvenile Greenfinch.

Here, the youngster is standing firm in the face of an incoming House Sparrow.

All of these pictures will enlarge.

Photographs - June 2003

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Photographs (above) - October 2002.

Greenfinches are also to be seen on the cliff, where this rather splendid male was good enough to pose for the camera.

Photographs - July 2003