Our resident Robin can be relied upon to put in a prompt appearance if there is any digging going on in the garden. Otherwise, he is normally to be spotted in the hedge or other perch, waiting for a gap in the sparrow traffic on the feeders.

Photograph (right) June 2002

The photograph below will not enlarge but the robin was singing so heartily and the sky was so blue, I just couldn't resist it.

Photograph (below) March 2003



When the bird below turned up on the bird table, I was not at all sure what it was. What me? a Robin?!

Photographs (below) June 2004

The rather smart robin below has a prominent white wing bar. It was a regular visitor to the feeders in the Autumn of 2003.

Photograph (above) - November 2003

The next two pictures are, I believe, the same bird, 12 days later, the last one a further two days on. Still plenty of juvenile plumage, but in all other respects, unmistakably a robin.

The two pictures on the left, taken after another eight days, show the beginnings of the red breast.

Photographs (left) - June 2004

All pictures will enlarge.

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