Here is a transcript of the letter from David Stanger appearing in the May 28th, 1910 edition of Flight.

A Petrol - Driven Model

I enclose two photos of an aeroplane that I have constructed and have been experimenting with for the last two years. It is fitted with a 4-cyl. petrol engine that I made for experimental purposes, and is, i believe, the smallest and lightest 4-cyl. petrol engine in the world. It weighs complete with carburettor and petrol tank 5.5lbs., and develops about 1.25 h.p. at 1,300 r.p.m.

The Propeller (which I made of black walnut, 7 layers) is 29in. dia. (note: the dia figure is mysteriously blank in the photocopy I have of this article. The figure 29 though is included in a quote from this letter found elsewhere, but other articles give figures of 28" and 30" - TJH) and 36 in. pitch (constant), thrust about 7 lb.; the aeroplane complete is about 21 lbs.

The above machine was exhibited at the Aero exhibition at the Agricultural Hall two years ago, but the planes were somewhat modified, and is the only petrol-driven model that has ever flown.

I used a starting-rail at first but now I have added wheels, and the machine rises off the ground when a speed of about 16 m.p.h. is attained. The engine is automatically stopped by a small clockwork arrangement. The covering was taken off the body of the machine to enable the engine to be photographed.


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