June 2015 - Following purchase of the shorter domain name Bartonhewsons.uk, we can now drop the rather twee .me. However, I plan to keep up the registration of bartonhewsons.me.uk for the foreseeable future so personal bookmarks and links to pages in this site from other websites should still work.

April 2012 - Apple having abandoned support for iWeb and announced the closure of their MobileMe hosting service, the whole site has been re-built, and re-located:

  • Site now hosted by Easily.co.uk, but web address remains unchanged as http://www.bartonhewsons.me.uk/home
  • Upgraded to Freeway Pro 5.5, enabling Photo Galleries and Slideshows to be fully integrated into main site, removing dependence on iWeb.
  • Most videos now hosted on Vimeo and embedded in relevant pages at improved quality, again removing dependence on iWeb.

November 2010 - Site relocated to http://www.bartonhewsons.me.uk/home due to Apple's withdrawal of support for Homepage sites.

December 2007 - Upgraded to Freeway Pro 4, following move to OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Site Structure unchanged.

January 2004 - upgraded to Freeway Pro, following move to OS X (Panther). Site structure unchanged.

January 2003 - Site launched in present form (using Softpress Freeway). Relocated from AOL to .Mac

January 2002 - Site re-built using Macromedia Dreamweaver (28 day trial). Maintained and developed throughout 2002 using Adobe PageMill

April 2001 - First site created using Adobe PageMill