I took advantage of the relaxed atmosphere on the Friday evening to chalk up my first overseas flight. It was a bit breezy, with the wind blowing directly across the runway but, as you can see by the shot of the landing, the Lazy Bee doesn't take much notice of runways.

The organisation on Saturday and Sunday was much more formal, along airshow lines, so I contented myself with the role of spectator (and shopper) - plus taking a few photographs.

The pictures below are just a small selection of the excellent models present - all electrically powered, of course. Click on the pictures for a closer view.

The two HP 57 (Manx) models (by Juraj Tinka) both flew well.

This Ju D1 (by Andreas Zitz) features a corrugated cardboard finish

Melf Heiko's Flivver was a lively performer. His DH84 performed well, too

This Viscount (by Karl Binder) looked very realistic in the air.

Star of the show for me was this delightfully detailed, 140in Ju52 by Jurgen Ide.

Airliners, present and future?

Two nice Fokker DVIIs

Just four of the many excellent EDF models on show. all very well powered

This Extra and Diablotin often flew together.

Very lightly loaded, this SE5a was flown like a fun fly!

The 'no gliders' rule was waived for this large Ventus

Harry Kottman's Yak performed well

As you may have gathered, the emphasis was largely, but not exclusively, on scale models
For more details on these models, and many others, have a look at
James Frolik's report for the Ezone