Earliest Known Jones Ancestor: and Elizabeth are the parents of Aaron Jones (bapt. 1753 Congerstone, Leics.) who married Eleanor Timpson at Barwell in 1777. Descent is via their son John Jones who married Mary Sanderson at Hinckley in 1808, to Elizabeth who married William Bray at Stoke Golding in 1841. See Bray Pedigree for more.

General Information
John Jones appears in the 1841 census at Stoke Golding as a 55 year old Stocking Maker, with Mary. In 1851 he is a 67 year old widower, father-in-law of William Bray, still in Stoke Golding. John and Mary had three children, Elizabeth (1820), Thomas (1822) and Nathaniel (1826), all baptised in Stoke Golding.

All the information on the ancestry of John Jones and Mary Sanderson is based on secondary sources and I am in the process of validating it back against the original records.

There are Timsons at Barwell and so this might be a place to search for Eleanor's ancestry and also maybe to fill the gap in Aaron and Eleanor's children baptised at Stoke Golding (Thomas [1787] and Sarah [1797])

Next Steps
1. Validate information in records of Stoke Golding, Barwell, Hinckley St. Marys, and Congerstone.