Earliest Known Ancestors: Married Elizabeth Cleark in 1671 at Wainfleet St. Mary, Lincs. Descent is via Benjamin (baptised 1673, m. Jane Keall 1705 at Wainfleet St. Mary), to William (baptised 1710, m. Susannah Parker at Wainfleet St. Mary) to Mary (baptised 1744 in Wainfleet St. Mary) who married Matthew Cordell See Hewson Pedigree for more.

General Information
I am indebted to overseas cousins for helping me to establish this line of our pedigree. We have not yet attempted to trace any ancestors of Susannah Parker or Jane Keall.

Next Steps
None planned at present. Note though that Robert Pike had previously married Mary Thew in 1653 at Wainfleet. Mary died in 1670.