Earliest Known Wignell Ancestor: (father Richard) married Jane Ward in 1573 at Great Easton Leicestershire. Descent is then via his son Richard, to William Wignell who married Eleanor Burton in 1642, also at Great Easton. As yet I know of no connection between this Eleanor Burton and the other Burton branch in my tree.

William and Eleanor's son Richard married Ann Hall and their son Richard appears, with his wife, Margaret, in a typescript entitled "A Jacobean House" (Great Easton Manor). Descent is via their son John who married Rebekah Wignell at Great Easton, Leics. in 1740, to John Wignell (bap 1749, Great Easton), who married Elizabeth Fairchild in 1778, to Ann Wignell (bapt 1781 Great Easton) who married Alexander Bell in Great Oakley, Northants in 1805. See Bell Pedigree for details.

General Information
The Wignells were an important family in Great Easton around this time. I have been greatly helped on this branch of the family by the Great Easton Local History Society. I also have obtained a number of wills but have still to cross check all the information on the earlier generations.

Next Steps
1. Cross-correlate wills with info from GELHS.

2. Consult early Great Easton PRs (at Leicestershire Record Office) to verify events first-hand.

3. Follow up on Fairchild, Hall, Burton and Ward!