This page takes you into a navigable Family Tree which will open in a separate window. You can leave this window open, but do bear in mind that, depending on which browser you are using, you may need to bring it to the front when you want to refer to the tree again. There is also a version of this tree on the Rootsweb Worldconnect site.

This tree includes not only all my known ancestors but also their spouses and descendants, so it contains a lot of surnames. You can enter the tree in three ways:

  • via the (me!) From here you can work back through the generations.
  • via the list of . This is the quickest way to see whether we have any common surname interests.
  • via the . This is an index of everybody on the tree. It takes a few moments to load, but if you are just looking for one particular relative, it does enable you to go straight there.

Whichever way you go in, you can then move up and down the tree by clicking on parents or children.

Tree created 18th April 2012 by Reunion, from Leister Productions, Inc.