I came across this bird hopping around the rocks by the shoreline. It was behaving a bit like the local Stonechats, taking off vertically, flying a tight circuit and then landing on a nearby rock.

Unsurprisingly, it was somewhat more timid than the Stonechats and at one point seemed to be chased away by a territorial Robin.

The rather blurred picture below illustrates the extent of the coloured rump and tail which flashes flame orange when the bird takes to the air. The main picture will enlarge.

Photographs (left and below) - December 2004

After this one appearance in December, I didn't come across the Black Redstart again until early February. This time I was lucky enough to see it on several occasions, usually feeding with the Meadow Pipits or a pair of Grey Wagtails.

The pictures below show the bird in a variety of poses. All except the first one will enlarge slightly.

In August 2005, another Black Redstart appeared on the undercliff. This one was a female or possibly a young bird. It seemed very nervous and had been around for a month before I managed a recogniseable (but unenlargeable) picture.

Photograph (right) - September 2005


After that, we never saw a Black Redstart for six years, then this female appeared. Again the photo is of little use other than to confirm the identification.

Photograph (left) - November 2011

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