Brent geese are occasionally seen flying by off the local cliff, but these birds were part of a large group grazing on the salt flats at Stanpit in late November. They are Winter visitors and are pretty much black and white in colouring. However, as you can see from the shadows, the late afternoon Winter sun was quite low and imparting a paler, almost brownish colouring. So much so that I mistook the first bird we saw from a distance, swimming in the water, for some sort of duck. Even when we came across this grazing group, I was still wondering about the mystery duck we had seen earlier!

Photograph (above) - November 2003

This second group, part of an enormous flock at Keyhaven were again photographed in difficult light. However, at least this time the colouring is more representative.

Photograph (left) - January 2006

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