We only spotted the Chaffinch in the garden on a couple of occasions in 2002 (May and November). However, on a trip to Cornwall in May, a tea garden was full of them, and they seemed willing to pose for the camera.

I was so pleased with this picture that I had to break my 'local pictures only' rule and include it.

Photograph (left) May 2002.

I had to wait another four years before getting a decent picture of chaffinches in our garden. In April 2006 a pair began to frequent the oak tree in the far corner and eventually this female came to investigate the feeder. She couldn't quite work out how to get into the cage though and eventually seemed to get distracted by her reflection in the window.

Photograph (right and below) - April 2006

By the next day though, the female had the feeder well and truly sorted.

Meanwhile, her mate just watched from the safety of the roses.

Almost three years on and Chaffinch visits hae become a little more frequent.

Some things don't seem to change though - it is still mainly the female that actually uses the seed feeder.


Photographs - March 2009

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