The Coal Tits were by far the most active feeders on the first video shot in November 2001. They were daily visitors during January, but before shooting that video, I had never noticed them - probably assumed them to be Blue Tits!

By mid-March sightings of Coal Tits became less frequent and in the latter half of April and throughout May we didn't see them at all.

They did though put in the occasional appearance during June, July and August, and sightings became more regular from September, when I managed to get a few good pictures.

Sightings in 2003 followed a very similar pattern.

Photographs (below) - October 2003

Photograph (above) -September 2002

All pictures will enlarge slightly.

Autumn 2008 proved to be a very good one for Coal Tits. These pictures were snapped during one of the regular visits to our garden feeder.


Photographs (right) October 2008

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