An unusual snowy day late in January brought an unexpected bonus with the visit of this pair of Fieldfares, who just stayed long enough for a few quick photographs. The morning sunshine combined with the snow to give perfect lighting conditions which made up for the fact that the birds were quite a long way away.

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Photographs - January 2004

Six years later and another cold snap brought our first garden sightings of another winter visiting thrush, the Redwing. A group of six of them hung around for most of the day and were joined for a short while by a single Fieldfare.

Photographs - January 2010

This bird returned on a daily basis, even after the Redwings had stripped the cotoneaster of berries and moved on. The Fieldfare took to eating apple segments we put on the ground and, after a couple of days became quite aggressive in defending its new found territory, giving the local Blackbirds a hard time. These last four photos will enlarge pretty well.

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