The coastline here is a soil cliff. Large sections of it are still on the move, despite various attempts to stabilise it. However, the more stable areas have a covering of mixed undergrowth, and the shoreline has been re-inforced with imported rocks. The cliff face itself is sandy, so there is quite a mix of habitats - which suit more than just birds.

The Cliff Gallery features some of the birds to be found here. There are a few species yet to be caught on camera and a number of others where I have had to venture further afield to get worthwhile pictures. This is mainly because we are on the route of birds passing from one estuary site to another and also for incoming and departing migrants who don't always hang around long enough to be photographed.

The sea conditions change every day and the wildlife activity of course changes with the conditions. Normally we are only aware of what is going on above the surface but just occasionally we are reminded of the equally acitive life below. This picture shows the sea 'boiling' due to small fish (probably whitebait or sand eels) being herded to the surface by bigger fish (probably mackerel or bass). The gulls are always on hand to pick up any leftovers.

Photograph (left) August 2006