When one of the 'gulls' resting on the sea suddenly disappeared underwater, it clearly merited a closer look. At first I didn't identify it as a Grebe because all the pictures in my book feature the Grebe's spectacular plumage - which unfortunately is entirely absent in Winter, which is the only time we are likely to see them here. The Grebe was around for one week in December and the picture on the left was the best I got.

Then, towards the end of January 2003, it appeared again and I was able to do a good bit better. If this is the self-same bird, its breeding plumage has come on quite a bit in the intervening month!

Visiting a nearby Country Park in May 2003, we were delighted to come across this family of Great Crested Grebes. These pictures will enlarge.

These last two birds were fishing together off Barton beach and show just how variable they can be in developing their Summer plumage

Photographs - March 2005

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