We do see House Martins around the clifftop in the Summer and, in previous years, they have nested in the gable ends of the hotel on the clifftop.

However, they have always evaded my camera and it was on a trip to the nearby Testwood Lakes that we came across some birds hunting insects over the lake.

The white rumps clearly identified them as House Martins.


For some reason, the birds would alight for a few moments on the gravelly shore before resuming their feeding flight.

They were a long way away, but I have waited three years to get recogniseable pictures!

Photographs- July 2004

Two years on, and an enlargeable House Martin picture still eludes me. However at Keyhaven one August morning a mixed group of martins was wheeling around low down, so I pointed the camera skywards and took a couple of dozen random pictures. Amongst the cloudscapes, was this picture of a House Martin - about to turn hard left!

Photograph - August 2006

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