The Kestrel is a regular sight hovering over the undercliff vegetation in search of its next meal. It is a very patient bird, and only very rarely do we see it actually catch anything. Of course, the updrafts from the prevailing Southwesterly winds mean that it can hover with very little expenditure of energy.

However, it still takes constant adjustments to keep the head stationary. Click here for a very short video clip showing this in action.

Photograph - January 2007

The bird pictured here was cowering in the grass while a male made repeated high speed swoops over it. I think it was a juvenile being given some hunting lessons.

Photographs - July 2003

Photograph - September 2003

A few weeks after the above incident, we came across the Kestrel on the right indulging in a thorough preening session. Whether the somewhat tousled appearance is due to the preening or to moulting, I don't know. By contrast the bird on the left is looking altogether smarter. These pictures, and those of the adults below will all enlarge.

Photograph - August 2003

Photographs - October 2003

Photograph - November 2003

This bird, which was hunting along the top of the cliff, appears to have lost a few feathers.

Photographs - August 2004

There is something hypnotic about the Kestrel hovering at close quarters - so I keep on taking photographs.

These will enlarge quite well.

Photographs - December 2005

The bird on the right had chosen a perch right down by the shoreline. Although it 'gave me the eye' when I got a bit close, it seemed quite settled - until a beach-bound family trudged right past the post.

A little further along the cliff, I encountered what I believe was the same bird, although with the sun now shining on its chest, it does look a little paler.

This bird seems to have a liking for posts marked with laser targets by the survey team.

Photographs - August 2006

During the Summer of 2007 we didn't see much of the Kestrel. However in the Autumn sightings became more common and I was able to photograph this bird, perched just under the cliff ledge.

Photograph (left) - October 2007

The photo below (August 2012) is not the best I have taken of a kestrel but does show it diving in for the kill. On this occasion it was successful and, after a few minutes on the grass finishing off its prey, it flew off clutching a small mammal of some sort.

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