I had seen Lapwings occasionally from the road, far out in open fields, and often wondered how to get a decent picture. Then, on a walk at Lymington on a misty March morning, we almost tripped over this one.

The bird seemed quite unperturbed and was quite content to wait for us to take a few pictures before it moved on.

Photograph (left) - March 2003

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These pictures show how much the plumage changes over the Summer.

Photographs - August 2003.

In March 2004 at Lymington, we were treated to a spectacular, sustained aerobatic display as two males tried to impress their intended mates. After each flight, the male would alight and do further displays on the ground before taking to the air again.

I just wish I had taken the video camera this time!

This bird was foraging by the edge of the river at Christchurch. Rather successfully, as you can see.

Photographs - August 2013

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