The Longtailed tits were seen only twice in 2002 (in June and July), passing through the garden, pausing only to search for a few insects in the silver birch trees. Although they tend to arrive as a group, they are usually all gone before I can get the camera out.

I had several more abortive attempts at photographing them at other locations then, in late 2004 a large flock came through the garden and stopped by the feeders just long enough for me to snatch a few pictures.

Both of these will enlarge.

Photographs - November 2004.

One February morning in 2007 I walked to the window in search of a better cellphone signal just as a mixed flock of tits descended on the rosebed. Seeing a couple of longtailed tits amongst them, I fumbled for my camera with my free hand and clicked away hopefully.

The picture on the right will enlarge quite well - and yes, we did have a rose in bloom in February, and yes, I know the roses need pruning!

Photograph - February 2007.

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