Getting a decent picture of a Nuthatch seems to be quite hard. The bird pictured here seemed intent on gathering insects, probably to feed to her young, so did stay around for some hasty snaps. The three below will enlarge slightly.

Photographs - June 2005

In August 2012 we were delighted to see a Nuthatch in the garden for the first time. What's more, it came straight to the feeder and stayed there long enough to get my camera out.

Our first sighting of Nuthatches though was at a Local Country park. It was impossible to get a picture at all until we spotted their nesthole. These pictures will not enlarge but, although they are a bit blurred, the sequence does show the adult arriving with the food, feeding the youngster and then departing to renew the search.

Photographs (above) - May 2003

Some years later, a feeder at a local reserve was being frequented by Nuthatches, taking turns with Blue Tits and Siskins. Although we were quite close, getting good photographs was still trickly because the Nuthatches seemed to want to grab a seed and get away as quickly as possible and were definitely not interested in posing for the camera.

Photograph (left) - March 2016

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