Pied Wagtails can be found all year round on the local cliff. We do sometimes though see the migratory White Wagtail, pictured on the left. Compare this with the Pied Wagtail below.

Photograph (left)- February 2003.

Photograph - June 2003

Photograph - August 2004

We do see the Wagtails from time to time in the garden, usually working their way quickly across the lawn. Quite often these are White wagtails, like the male below, presumably fuelling up for onward migration.

Photographs (above) - April 2004

In the Autumn of the same year, the juvenile below was spotted following practically the same path across the lawn.

Photographs (left) - August 2004

The bird below was very confiding and so the pictures will enlarge quite well. Although it shows some White Wagtail characteristics, after consulting some more experienced bird watchers, it was concluded that it is probably a female Pied Wagtail. Clues are the dark rump, the diffuse boundary between the black nape and grey mantle and the amount of grey on the flanks.

Photographs (above) - December 2007

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