I had heard occasional reports of Ravens being seen further along the coast but, since I generally pay little heed to the Crows, which are always around, I reckoned my chances of ever spotting a Raven were remote.

Then one morning four crow-like birds flew by: two passed to the left, going 'Caw, caw' whilst the other two, somewhat larger, passed to the right, going 'Ork, ork'! By the time that I had turned around and got my binoculars onto the rapidly receeding birds, it was impossible to be absolutely sure, so I tried to commit the call to memory with a view to looking it up when I got home.

Further along the undercliff, I encountered a man with a 'scope over his shoulder. "Excuse me" I ventured, "but you didn't happen to see a couple of Ravens coming through ten minutes ago by any chance?". The man in question introduced himself as Mike Adams and, to my delight, confirmed that I had indeed seen my first Barton Ravens.

Whilst walking back, I was astonished to see the two Ravens fly back again. My delight at seeing them was now tinged by frustration that, because of a painful neck, I had for once left my camera at home. Then Mike once more came into view, just as the two birds settled on the undercliff.

Mike held his camera to the 'scope and took the pictures you see here. I had no hesitation in asking his permission to break my 'own pictures only' rule, just this once!

Photographs (Mike Adams) - March 2006

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