This bird seems to be quite timid. The picture on the right was taken on a misty morning at Lymington, and will enlarge.

The shot below, taken at Stanpit Marsh, gives a good impression of the size of the Redshank in comparison with the Oystercatcher on the right.

Photograph above - March 2003.

Photograph left - January 2003.

On a later visit to Keyhaven we came across the bird below. As well as being less timid, it was sporting a full Winter coat.

These pictures, taken in December 2003, will enlarge, too.

Although the Redshank is a bird we see on most walks around Keyhaven or Lymington, it was nearly ten years later (October 2013) before I got any significantly better pictures.

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For a Redshank / Greenshank comparison, see the Greenshank page.