As a result of domestication, pure-bred, wild Rock Doves are apparently pretty rare and, judging by the company it was keeping (see below), this certainly isn't one of them.

However, it does match the pictures in my book perfectly, so serves to illustrate the starting point for the wide variety of Feral pigeons we see today.

The bird above is pictured left with its Feral companion. However, the pure white rump it is displaying is apparently indicative of a fairly 'pure' Rock Dove.

Photographs - February 2003

The two examples pictured right and below were both found looking very lonely and seemed to be trying to come to grips with the concept of 'sea'. They are both ringed, so maybe they are French racing pigeons contemplating their options!

Photograph (right) - June 2004

Photographs (below) - April 2005

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