The Starlings are around most days, but getting a picture which showed off the adult's plumage to full effect took quite a while. This one will enlarge quite well though.

Photograph - March 2003

A brood of youngsters appeared in mid May 2002. Greyish brown and largely unmarked, it would have been hard to be sure they were indeed Starlings - were it not for the aggressive way they pestered their parents for food. (You can click on any of the pictures for an enlargement).

Photographs (below) - May 2002

The 2003 crop of youngsters were every bit as entertaining, including the little sequence below, shot in June 2003.

Looks like a nice spot

I'll just get comfy


Yes, buzz off, why don't you!

Now, where was I..

In 2004, the young Starlings didn't appear until mid-July. However, they were just as boisterous as before.

Photograph (left) - July 2004

In 2006 though, the riot was well underway in May.

Photographs (below) - May 2006.

All the pictures on this page will enlarge.

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