Our house is within easy reach of the clifftop, and the garden is mainly lawn, shrubs and herbaceous borders. There are one or two mature trees, but no significant woodland in the immediate neighbourhood. Because of the high winds we get along this coast, we have replaced all fences with hedges and these seem to be popular with several species of birds.

When we started feeding the birds, we became involved in a battle of wits with the local squirrels. They are always around and are usually amongst the first to investigate any new feeder, regardless of any 'squirrel - proof' labelling.
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The foxes are regular night time visitors, but daylight sightings are not uncommon.

The Hedgehogs also are rarely around in the daytime. When they are, it often means that they are in difficulty as proved to be the case with this juvenile and its three siblings who appeared in July 2004

Although rabbits are a common sight on the undercliff, it is very unusual to see them in the garden. This one was spotted at the edge of the lawn, looking very much like a stone statue. I don't know why, but to me there is something slightly sinister about this particular rabbit.

Photograph (left) September 2012