Whilst looking around the local Motorcycle museum, I was intrigued to come across this machine, emblazoned with the name Stanger, which was my great grandmother's maiden name.

The placard on the bike reads: "Stanger 1923 V-Twin. 583cc two-stroke twin with bellcrank rear suspension. All chain drive model made by David Stanger in London between 1921 & 1923."

A little further along on the wall of the museum, we found a copy of an article about David Stanger's exploits as a pioneer of Model Aviation.

Unfortunately the museum was unable to provide any more information on David Stanger but, As an aeromodeller myself, I was sufficiently intrigued to find out more about this man, particularly his pioneering work in the field of model aviation. Use the links below to read more.

T .J. H. June 2005. (last update 23rd November 2005)

To read about my Stanger relatives, click here


To read about my efforts to re-create one of David Stanger's aircraft click here

The Stanger Motorbike

More pictures of the motorbike in the Sammy Miller Museum

A Petrol-Driven Model

Illustrated letter from David Stanger published in Flight Magazine in 1910

Mr. D. Stanger's Olympia Models

Article in Flight magazine in 1914, following the establishment of the first duration record for petrol - powered model flight

A Pioneer

An article appearing in the January 1959 edition of Model Aircraft

Engine of the Month - David Stanger's Pioneer Engines

An Article by Dr. R. E. Nichol, appearing in the Engine Collectors' Journal, June / July 1969

Mr. David Stanger, Engineer

This was the article appearing on the museum wall which started it all. It was published in the Aeromodeller Annual for 1969-70.

The Stanger Engines

Correspondence and Article from SAM Speaks (The Journal of the Society of Antique Modellers), 2001 -2002

The Development of Model Aviation

An extract from an article by Cdr. A. Greenhalgh, published in BMFA News (The jopurnal of the British Model Flying Association) in August 2012

Can you help?
I have three more references to David Stanger's work which I have yet to trace:

  • "Aero" magazine 16th Nov. 1907
  • "Model Engineer" 19th Aug. 1948
  • "Model Engineer" 23rd Oct. 1958

If you can help me with any of these, please contact me via the "Mail Me" button at the top of the page.