Until my wife Mary gets around to completing her web site to show off her patchwork quilts, there is really only one external Family link to put in here: Elder daughter Helen (centre right, back row) got married in August 2002. For more about the wedding itself, click here, for her (admittedly embryonic) main site click here.

Younger daughter Ruth also married in September 2003 and 2004 we became grandparents twice over! By 2006 we had the full complement of four who you see on best behaviour for the family group picture above - and with more typical expressions below. Both Photos were taken by our Neice's husband, Paul (www.paulgoodephotography.co.uk)

Christmas 2012 provided another opportunity for a family group shot. First rule of photography is supposed to be "avoid cluttered backgrounds'" However we found that this was trumped by "don't try to drag a four year old away from his colouring!"

Another Christmas, and another family photo. A slightly better background but rubbish lighting this time!