June 2022: This website does not collect personal data so I was a bit miffed when the latest browsers started flagging my site as 'not secure'. To avoid this rather offputting message I've purchased an SSL certificate so the address bar will now show the reassuring padlock.

June 2015 - Following purchase of the shorter domain name Bartonhewsons.uk, we can now drop the rather twee .me. However, I plan to keep up the registration of bartonhewsons.me.uk for the foreseeable future so personal bookmarks and links to pages in this site from other websites should still work.

April 2012 - Apple having abandoned support for iWeb and announced the closure of their MobileMe hosting service, the whole site has been re-built, and re-located:

  • Site now hosted by Easily.co.uk, but web address remains unchanged as http://www.bartonhewsons.me.uk/home
  • Upgraded to Freeway Pro 5.5, enabling Photo Galleries and Slideshows to be fully integrated into main site, removing dependence on iWeb.
  • Most videos now hosted on Vimeo and embedded in relevant pages at improved quality, again removing dependence on iWeb.

November 2010 - Site relocated to http://www.bartonhewsons.me.uk/home due to Apple's withdrawal of support for Homepage sites.

December 2007 - Upgraded to Freeway Pro 4, following move to OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Site Structure unchanged.

January 2004 - upgraded to Freeway Pro, following move to OS X (Panther). Site structure unchanged.

January 2003 - Site launched in present form (using Softpress Freeway). Relocated from AOL to .Mac

January 2002 - Site re-built using Macromedia Dreamweaver (28 day trial). Maintained and developed throughout 2002 using Adobe PageMill

April 2001 - First site created using Adobe PageMill