November 2014 - Maiden Flight

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Log last updated - January 2022

March 2022: Flying in our very small school gymnasium can be pretty challenging at the best of times but, with three or four shock flyers airborne at once, it is positively frantic - this otherwise excellent picture gives a totally false air of calm to the proceedings!

The Ramiel Hellfire is though perfectly suited to these conditions being light enough to cope with the small hall and rugged enough to shrug off the inevitable encounters with walls, floor and, of course, other cavorting Ramiels!

It was therefore a source of some dismay when the model went out of production. Other club members tried several other similar-looking models but the increasingly tatty-looking Hellfires reigned supreme. After seven seasons of use, my example was still in reasonable shape but definitely beginning to show its age so, when Aerobertics in Belgium started producing them again, I was more than happy to join in on a bulk buy organised by a fellow club member.

The new version has a number of minor revisions, clearly developed in the light of user experience, so I'm hoping that this one will serve just as well as its predecessor. It will though have to survive in even more crowded airspace as a whole new group of Ramiel owners join in the fray!