This little hovercraft was built from a free plan by Max Zuijdendorp in the February 2018 edition of RCM&E magazine.

It is built almost entirely from 3mm Depron and is powered by a Graupner Vector Extreme. This unit is a 2.4GHz receiver, servo and speed controller all in one, the motor being mounted on the servo head in a plastic cradle.

I decorated it with a random selection of stickers from my stock and found a suitably racy pilot on the internet.

The model weighs just one ounce, complete with single cell 160mah LiPo battery. (for some reason these two pictures will be upside down when enlarged - sorry!)



TheVector power unit has plenty of go and the model will scoot along at high speed on a smooth wooden floor and even copes well with carpet - as long as you aren't into shag pile, of course! Steering is surprisingly good, in fact I think the vectored thrust probably works better than rudder steering on this sort of craft.

I don't plan to keep a 'flight' log for this model - at least that will avoid any arguments about whether it actually flies in the first place! However it is undeniably an indoor model so hopefully justifies its place on this site.