This video consists of four short clips taken by Mike Roach on his stills camera in October 2010.

The landing shot shows how important it is to get lined up on the centre line of our rather narrow runways. I drifted off line and it seemed to take forever to get the wingtip clear of the long grass.

Soaring over south Hampshire. This is a first attempt at onboard video from the T61, using the 808 #16 keyfob camera. I didn't have the altimeter on but would guess the maximum height was about 600ft.

If I take it up to about 1000ft on a clearer day, the views should be quite spectacular.

Clips from a couple of flights of the T61 at the Frome MFC fly-in in May 2013. These were the first flights of the T61 since acquiring my Jeti DS-16 transmitter, hence the confused conversations off about the behaviour of the Vario!