(Built from Balsacraft kit)

Wingspan 57" (one rib bay added to each tip)
Weight 5lbs
Wing Area 850 sq ins
Wing Loading 13.5 oz/sq ft

Power system
Motor Originally Aveox 1406/4Y and Kruse 2.4:1 gearbox,
now Graupner Ultra 1300/12 direct drive
Battery 16 x 1700mah
Propeller Graupner Cam 12.5" x 6"


Typical duration 10 minutes

 Aveox 1406/4Y / Kruse
8700rpm at 26amps
Power loading 91W/lb.
Calculated thrust 5lb 2oz

  Graupner Ultra 1300/12
9600rpm at 30amps
Power loading 105W/lb.
Calculated thrust 6lb 2oz