"Unobtrusive, often goes unnoticed". So reads the book and so it certainly was with us - we had lived here for over 20 years quite unaware of the Dunnock's existence.

It tends to keep to the hedge bottoms and shadows and so I have a large collection of blurred shots of distant Dunnocks, even though the bird puts in appearances most days.

The adult bird has a very neat, crisp appearance and a very lively song. This first picture was taken on the cliff in June 2005, when the need to put on an impressive display during the breeding season seems to overcome the bird's naturally reclusive habits.

It didn't take long though for the garden Dunnocks to realise that there were easy pickings to be had under the seed feeders. One or two of them will even venture onto the feeders themselves.

Photograph (right) August 2004

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In 2004 this youngster was spotted perched in our hedge. Although it eyed me up very carefully, I got the impression that mother's firm instructions were not to move until she got back!

Photographs (right) May 2004

This bird, photographed on the undercliff also looked a little fluffy. It is clearly older than the youngster above though, but was equally confiding.

Photographs (left) June 2005

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