Earliest Known Gibbons Ancestor: married Ann Tustin in 1829 at Basford, Notts. Descent is via Sarah Gibbons (baptised 1834 St. Marys, Nottingham, m. William John Geary Hewitt 1855, Radford, Notts). See Hewitt pedigree for more.


General Information

George Gibbons is noted as a Cordwainer in the baptism and marriage records for his children and as a Shoe Maker in the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses. In the censuses, his birthplace is consistently given as Nottingham. Ann is a widow in the 1881 census. George died in 1873 at Castle Terrace, aged 66. William Hewitt was present at the death.

On the 1861 census George Gibbons (54) appears next door to Joseph Gibbons (41). I would like to establish the relationship between these men, as a clue to finding out more about George’s origins.

Baptisms: There is a baptism for a George Gibings at Nottm. St. Marys in 1807, mother Sarah Gibings, but I have found no baptism for Joseph. Until I have located Joseph, I can’t be sure that my George’s baptism isn’t hiding in the same place!

Marriages: George married Ann Tustin at Basford, Notts in 1829; Joseph married Elizabeth Pymm at Sneinton St Stephen in 1840

Children: George and Ann baptised John (1829), Alice (1832), Sarah (1834) and Samuel (1836) at Nottingham St. Marys, then George (1846, but b. 1836 according to the baptism entry but aged 2 on 1841 census!) and Mary Ann (1862, but b. 1842) at St. Barnabas’ RC Church Nottingham.

Joseph and Elizabeth baptised Elizabeth Agnes (1847, but b. 1841), George William (1848), Joseph Augustine (1849) at St. Barnabas’ RC Church Nottingham. Joseph, Elizabeth and Elizabeth jnr appear on the 1851 census at Sneinton. Joseph's birthplace is given as Nottm. St. Marys. Joseph Augustus' birth was registered in 1849, his death in 1850.George William's birth was registered 1848, and a death of George Gibbons is shown in 1849, which may well account for why neither he nor Joseph Augustus appear on the 1851 census.

It seems as if George and Joseph both converted to Catholicism around 1845. It is interesting that George’s son George and daughter Mary Ann were baptised as catholics aged about 6 and 20, and Joseph’s daughter Elizabeth Agnes was also baptised about age 6. I have found no earlier baptisms for any of these children, suggesting that, prior to the conversion, the family may not have been in the habit of baptising children at birth. Could this be because George and Joseph themselves were not baptised?

Next Steps
1. Check Joseph's marriage at Sneinton in 1840, for a father's name.