Earliest Known Ancestors: and Mabell have, according to the IGI, four sons baptised to them between 1648 and 1651 at Louth St. James. I have not been able to examine the Louth baptism records for this period, but there are burial records for some of these and for four other children. Also on the IGI is the birth of Philip (1656, father William Gunnish), who is my 7 x great grandfather. Descent is then via Alexander Gunnis (1688) who married in 1715 at Bilsby, to Mary (1723) who married Richard Dyas. See Hewson Pedigree for more.

General Information
Practically all the information I have on the Gunnis family comes from the Louth St. James records.

Next Steps
1. Check whether the Louth baptism records exist prior to 1685, to confirm Philip as son of William & Mabel.

2. Lincs Marriage index to find marriage of Phillip Gunnis to Anne (1st known child 1686, but probably one or two earlier).