Earliest Known Ancestors: Earliest ancestor is believed to be who married Jane. Descent is via Joseph Dyas who married Mary Carter at Louth St. James in 1704. There are baptisms at Louth of four daughters to Joseph Dyas and Jane from1687 to 1693. Unfortunately I have not been able to see the baptism records before 1685 to confirm that the Joseph who married Mary Carter is the son of Joseph & Jane.


Although Joseph Dyas and married in 1704, the first baptism to Joseph Dyas & Mary at Louth is Thomas in 1712. However, there are two earlier children baptised in the intervening period to Joseph & Elizabeth. There is no evidence of more than one Joseph, so I am working on the assumption that Mary and Elizabeth are the same person.


Descent is then via Richard Dyas (baptised 1714 Louth, Lincs., m. Mary Gunnis 1745 Louth, Lincs.), Alexander Dyas (baptised 1741 Louth, Lincs., m. Elizabeth Clarke 1770 Keddington Lincs.), Robert Dias (baptised 1794 Louth St. James, m. Mary Cordal 1815 Louth St. James), to Frances Dias (baptised 1816 Raithby cum Maltby, m. George Hewson 1838 Raithby cum Hallington). See Hewson Pedigree for more.

General Information
Dias or Dyas is an unusual name in Lincolnshire and it seems that there is indeed only one family there.

I have no further information on Mary Carter.

Next Steps
1. Find out whether Louth St James baptism records prior to 1685 survive in any form.