I took my first blurred photograph of a Blackcap visiting our Cotoneaster at the far side of the garden several years ago. It was the first Blackcap I had ever seen and, whilst the photo was good enough for me to identify the bird, it wasn't really useable.

Since then we have usually managed at least one sighting each Winter and on one occasion a male and female even visited the feeder. Every time though, circumstances have conspired against me getting a decent picture.

This time again the birds were at the far side of the garden - one male and one female chasing each other about. The male stopped briefly for a couple of berries and the above picture was the result. Compared to all previous efforts, this is pin sharp - believe me!

Two months later, I got some similarly long range shots of a lone female.

Photographs (above) - Male February 2006; Female April 2006

While still striving to improve upon the above pictures for Blackcaps in the garden, we found this male which posed briefly for the camera at Blashford lakes. Alas the female was less cooperative.

These two pictures will enlarge slightly.

Photographs - July 2007

The first frost of the Winter presumably drove this bird down to the coast. It seemed well practised in dealing with caged feeders but didn't hang around. Maybe it does a regular tour of the local gardens. Still, these are the first enlargeable Blackcap garden pictures.

Photographs - December 2009

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