You have to lay on the floor and hold the computer above your head to get the right perspective on this one!

Usually the buzzard is just a silhouette, circling over woodland, but this one was working a low level thermal along the shoreline at Keyhaven. Buzzard markings are apparently quite variable, but I believe this to be a common buzzard.

The wing shape can also seem to change dramatically according to the positioning of the tip feathers - sometimes spread like fingers for slow flight, sometimes drawn back into a more streamlined shape as in this second picture:


Photographs (below and right) - April 2004

The Buzzards around our local model flying field have increased in number over recent years and are now often seen on the ground or perched on fence posts. They still don't tolerate a close approach though so the photo below, taken on a foggy November morning is still not brilliant. It will enlarge though

Photograph (right) - November 2011


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