These impressive geese were first seen out in the middle of a large field on a misty morning at Keyhaven, where the picture on the right was taken. However, at a weight of about 5kg this is apparently the largest goose in Europe so, even at this range, the picture was not too bad.

Photograph (above) - December 2003

Photographs (above) - March 2003

However, the bird on the left was by a local pond and hopeful of being fed. This picture will enlarge.

The bird on the right was seen during a walk by a local river, again at some distance. It was only after we got home that we spotted the goslings.

Photograph (right) - May 2003

This flock were flying along the undercliff at Barton. I only just managed to get the camera to wake up in time to snap them as they turned and headed inland. Enough to 'promote' the Canada Goose to the Cliff Gallery, though!

Photograph (left) - September 2005.

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